Monday, September 25, 2006

Entertainment Sans Professionals

Today a classmate did a presentation on video feeds uploaded to people’s blogs. I didn’t realize just how popular they were until encountered a site called Real People Network. The first thing that caught my eye on the site was not the dozens of faces squished into small screens, but the slogan/ promotion on the top of the page saying:

A Hollywood Free
Video Blog.

Now, what is the difference between a video blog and a vlog? Well, apparently nothing. The dictionary definition for vlog is “a video blog; a blog that is mainly video content.” So why all the different names? It seems kind of silly to me.

Boogie Nights meets the Newspaper Biz.

I hate to compare the two, but this conversion to reality-based video blogs and the rising popularity of citizen journalism over print newspapers reminds me of the transition that the porn industry made when they decided to go from professional porn stars to common folk porn. I can’t help but think of the 1997 film Boogie Nights. For me, Jack Horner, (played by Burt Reynolds,) represents the original newspaper business, while Floyd Gondolli, (played by Philip Baker Hall,) if I remember correctly plays the man who sells out to citizen porn. I think this all ties in together.

Although professionals creating porn is not completely dead, neither is the newspaper business. So, how much longer will professionals stay alive in industries where the average public consumer is rooting for their demise?


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