Saturday, September 30, 2006

Total Recall

A few months ago, I remember checking the serial number of my dell laptop because it was possible that my battery had been recalled. Thankfully, my computer wasn’t explosive, but recalls seem to be exploding on the technology scene.

Toshiba is recalling 340,000 laptop batteries made by Sony. Is it possible that advancements in technology can backfire on us, literally? According to an article on, “Dell asked customers to return 4.1 million faulty laptop batteries, while Apple recalled 1.8 million batteries worldwide.”

Many years back my mother use to warn me that if I stood in front of the microwave for too long I would get radiation poisoning. Her threats have evolved. She has moved on from household appliances to technology infused gadgets. Her current warnings are more like, “your cell phone is going to give you a brain tumor” and “your back and eyes will eventually give out if you keep spending all that time by the computer screen.”

Maybe I am not so paranoid with complaints about my cell phone heating up on my ear or my keyboard burning my palms. Is technology getting too hot for us to handle? found, “Earlier this month, Sony said it would postpone the European launch of its PlayStation 3 by four months to March over problems with producing a component in the Blu-ray disc part of the machine.” That’s not the only postponement made by Sony; the launch of their new digital walkman is not yet being released due to malfunctions.

Is this super competitive mentality leading to incidents like exploding batteries because companies are so busy trying to beat their rivals in the tech race that they forget about the people they provide products for?


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