Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Why is a cardinal's blog making headline news?

On the front page of the Boston Globe's City & Region section today the headline ran, "O'Malley Recounts 'LOL' on his Rome Trip Blog.-- Cardinal reaches out to internet generation." Now, why is this news? According to reporter Michael Levenson, "Catholics and blog specialists are taking notice, offering praise for a blog they say is surprisingly readable." The use of popular internet phrase "lol" is a favorite for O'Malley. At first glance, the blog seems pretty typical. O’Malley introduces himself and discusses his travels.

What intrigues me about this blog is the reader feedback:

Dear Cardinal Sean,
Thank you for this blog. Your lovely sense of humor caused me to lol! I know Rome well and it’s delightful to revisit through your eyes. I loved your inclusion of quotes in Italian. Thank you for the spirituality this blog offers. It is a wonderful opportunity for the people of Boston (and the world) to really come to know their Cardinal. Preghiera, carita e la gioia de perdono!

Francine Bell

Comment by Francine Bell — September 27, 2006

This is yet another example of an older generation reaching out to the current generation and embracing the internet revolution. Will this gain the cardinal more popularity? It seems to be doing just that, but how will the religious community feel about it? The Globe observes, “The medium has forced O’Malley to walk a fine line between the dignity his position requires and the irreverence that fuels many of the most successful blogs.”

See the Time left until the Pope's planned visit to Turkey (up to the second) on the American Papist blog.


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