Monday, October 30, 2006

Irate Ali vs. Pissed off Aussie on YouTube

There is a video posted on YouTube produced by In the video, Amir Abdel Malik Ali addresses the Hezbollah-Israel conflict during a speech at the University of California, Irvine. Ali scolds Israel for being the “oppressors” and for attempting to destroy Hezbollah. This speech is clearly anti-Israel, with the ending being the most shocking part.

During the question and answer section of the outdoor speech on campus, a Jewish man in the crowd was vocalizing his agreement with Ali. He said “I want to say thank you because you’ve inspired me to do everything in my power to protect the state of Israel.” He then invited Ali to his family’s house in Israel for Shabbat dinner. The man said couldn’t wait until Muslims and Jews could live together in Israel peacefully.

But, instead of Ali agreeing with this man, he responded to this invitation by saying, “If history is any indication, there will be peace when you’re gone and when we’re in control again.”

After watching this video, I was surprised to see that a 1 minute, 57 second video below it entitled, “Israel Lebanon Conflict,” had 11,068 views, when the 5 minute, 37 second controversial Ali video only had 1238 views. The video below it is basically a pissed off Australian using the “F” word multiple times per sentence while talking about the newspaper coverage of the Middle East conflict. Why would the Aussie’s video have more hits than that of the one produced by Stand with Us?


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