Thursday, October 26, 2006

Joyce Kulhawik, from CBS4 to Northeastern University

Joyce Kulhawik, arts and entertainment anchor at CBS4, came to speak at the Northeastern University campus yesterday. She encouraged students, mostly undergraduates, to go for their dreams and not let obstacles stop them from getting what they want. The successful and well known anchor said that she had no clue as to what she was getting herself into when entering the business, but stuck with what she loved and ultimately obtained her goals. The three time cancer survivor talked openly about her personal and professional life. "You can survive," she said when discussing her experiences fighting cancer.

She also talked about her fight against other news networks. “It’s all about competition. It's a business and we are all colleagues in the field,” she said.

Kulhawik voiced her opinion on how technology has changed journalism-based television. She says that because we have so much technology, it gets things moving more quickly. She expressed that there is a desire to use it even when it’s not needed, so people are simply getting the news rather than making an effort to get it right.

“The line between reality and fiction is erased. You have to wonder if people are just performing for the camera and if it is staged,” she said.

New media is not only affecting print and online journalism, but television as well. With news stations constantly shouting out their URL’s on their broadcasts, viewers should remember to question the footage they see on TV.


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