Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Newspapers teaming up with citizen journalists?

In the process of researching newspapers that are attempting to integrate themselves with blogs and citizen sites, I came across Steve Outing had some interesting things to say. “Given the state of decline of the newspaper industry, perhaps it's past time to give online leaders a chance to take the reins of newspaper companies and try out some radical ideas for publishing in the Internet age,” he said.

On the Los Angeles Times website under their “sponsored links” one link is, a seemingly citizen journalist run website. But, in order to read more articles you have to subscribe.

In a February 20 article by Heather Green titled, Great Online Expectations Bayosphere wanted to reinvent journalism. Here's how the dream died, she said, “As services such as Craigslist have drained away classified ad revenue, papers have increasingly been deprived of the resources to cover local news.”

For the midterm article, it would be interesting to research big papers around the U.S. that link to citizen journalism pages. Are these papers trying to grab onto this new trend so they don’t get lost in the cracks of the Internet news revolution? Who pays these citizen journalists? Are they getting paid? Is this all part of a strategy to keep newspapers in business?


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