Sunday, October 01, 2006

What would we do without email and hard drives?

I found an interesting AP article by Jeannette J. Lee titled, “Family Believes It’s Found Missing WWII Sub.” Lee investigates 60 year old submarine, the USS Grunion, lost near Alaska’s Aleutian Islands. Lee’s lead is, “Underwater sonar images of a black shape against a background of grainy monochrome are safely stored on two computer hard drives at Bruce Abele's home in Newton, Mass.” Lee continues on about the sub and the relatives of 70 lost crewman who are still looking for any information.

The line that got me interested in this article was, “Four years ago, a man who had heard about the Grunion's disappearance e-mailed Bruce the links to several Grunion Web sites.” Now, this reminded me of the posting I wrote about Yad Vashem website and how Holocaust survivors are being re-united by websites compiled with names and information about people who were seemingly lost in the war.

Through email and images saved on hard drives, families now have hope of finding information on their relatives who were lost crewman on the Grunion.

Click here for information about the Grunion with the names of the 70 lost crewmen.

Click here for a website with a short article about the Grunion and links to photo archives and Grunion crew photos. This site has many helpful links relevant to the lost sub and links on how to find more info.

Click here for a pdf of the lost crewmen’s families names and contact information.


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