Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Anchors and TV news executives looking to young blogger for news

How did Brian Stetler become so famous among big shot TV news people? Yesterday, there was a front page article on Stetler and his widely popular blog, The 21 year old Towson University student is now a news source for top anchors like Brian Williams from NBC news.

In the article, Stetler pretty much tells his readers to calm down. He said that he has a life outside of posting the most current new updates, and that he is trying his best. I found it pretty entertaining, and am curious how this young student initially got recognized.

To see The New York Times article click here.

What does it say about journalism that The New York Times is printing articles about journalism instead of real news on the front page? Are we (journalists) that obsessed with ourselves? Or, am I overacting?


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