Monday, November 13, 2006

Another Fox Fumble?

I must admit, Fox News is one of my guilty pleasures. I am drawn to it like a deer in headlights, which segues to today’s blog entry. As I scoured through Fox’s top videos of the day, it didn’t shock me that a clip of a deer holding a plastic pumpkin head in its mouth made number one on the list.

Under the clip, a headline ran, “Michigan deer finds its way out of a tough spot.” All I saw in the clip was an idle deer holding a pumpkin for about 30 seconds. It would help if there was a short story that I could click on underneath the clip, but I guess it’s not enough of a story to actually write about. So, why is it considered a good enough story to broadcast?

I still don’t understand why Fox News continues to put up these videos, but I have been learning to except this trend, sit back and enjoy the mindless entertainment, for now.

In referring back to a conversation I had with Joyce Kulhawik from CBS4, I agree with her on some things discussed. She said that because networks have this new technology they use it, regardless if it’s good news or not. I think they use it even if it isn’t news at all. Maybe they are simply running out of material.


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