Monday, November 06, 2006

Getting Readers to Click

As I was checking my AOL email today the title, “German Victims Come Forward” caught my attention. I am not used to hearing the term German victims, without the word Jewish jammed in the middle. An AOL user who goes under the name, CITADEL43 seemed to have a similar reaction. The user said in the “Post Thoughts” section:

I don't know how the media can refer to them as victims. Right or wrong, the Reich's program gave them a life, while many others were having theirs snuffed out. Plus they are of good stock. Most will probably live to be over 100. Doesn't sound like much of a victim, just a product of the Reich.

CITADEL43 received four responses, all of which criticized him for questioning the AP article slug line. What’s interesting about this article is that when you click on the title to read the full story a new title appears, “Germans Tell of Secret Nazi Breeding Program.” This makes me wonder if they used the first controversial title to attract readers into clicking the link to view the full article. Or, are they really calling these Germans victims?


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