Thursday, November 16, 2006

Manipulating religious customs with technology

I was intrigued to read an article that explored the life of orthodox Jews and the loopholes they can find within a world of gadgets. My orthodox step father, Bob, sports a tool belt stuffed with his ipod, Trio, Blue-Tooth, and many other electronic tools that get him through the day. Now, he can have more gadgets to look forward to such as the “Sabbath phone,” which has a microprocessor inside it. The device is configured in a way that the user doesn’t have to activate any electronic circuit within that would make he or she break the rules of Jewish Law pertaining to the Sabbath. This phone is available for observant Jews to use from Friday when Shabbat starts to its conclusion on Saturday evening at sundown.

Technology allows us to manipulate three thousand year-old laws from the Bible to accommodate our rapidly evolving technology-based society. Hopefully, we can maintain our religious customs without jeopardizing the sanctity of tradition.

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